Big Bend Bouldering

My Grandma Hansen turned 90 this last weekend and all of the Colorado family went out to Richfield, Utah for her birthday party.

And what does any climbing-dependent person (read: addict) do when there's a trip planned out to Utah...?

We would leave super-early and hit Big Bend bouldering and then the more family-friendly Arches National Park on our way to Richfield. Genius, eh?

Despite thick fog, fear of hitting an open-range cow, sub-freezing temps and mutinous kids who had been told to turn off all electronic distractions and look out the windows, we pulled into the parking lot ahead of schedule. After checking the place out and eating some lunch we all got to work. Before you knew it, it had gained at least 15 degrees and conditions were absolutely perfect for the entire fam.

As much fun as Big Bend was, the small fraction of the Arches we saw was amazing and the kids KILLED the hike to Delicate Arch - making it back just as the sun disappeared.

We have an awesome family.

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