Ryan's Inferno

I have finally made a contribution to the Hoagie Trifecta...

Thanks to Dan Russell for doing the climb justice with his editing skills.

Thanks to Dave Phillips at the Gazette for giving Ryan some more coverage!


Photo's courtesy of Stewart Green and Mark Tjaden:

V-Naught/Green Marker Guide

Sometimes choss becomes beautiful... when it's yours to explore and play on. Thus, the V-Naughts and Green Marker areas. Just two spots that don't really qualify for Ute Valley "proper" areas. But, I think they're excellent. I think it's evident of how excited about these boulders by making this little guide.

Newlin Creek

The first time... So much to do. Footage Todd put together from our visit with Byron, Glenn, Jerad and Chris:

Fall 2006 Trip

Here's the video from the October 2006's climbing trip with Todd, Jeremy and Mike. We went to Joe's with a stop off at Frisco Buttress.

Chick Power

While I'm loading stuff on the site, I might as well have the Chick Power video...

Hueco2007 Footage

I finally got around to putting something together from last year's spring trip with Todd and Chris. Just in time for the Fall 2008 trip!


The kids and I spent a few hours at Horsetooth Reservoir on Saturday before hanging out with Allison and Nate in Greeley. I convinced them to climb a little bit before the main event - throwing rocks into the water...
They are awesome! I love the highball pictures!!!

I realized that there are some problems that I can't do when it's just me and the kids... Namely ANYTHING on the Mental Block! I got up to the top of the Standard Route (a few times...) and Pinch Overhang before coming to grips with how bad it would be if I fell. "That wasn't very responsible, Daddy..."