Paint-On Friction

In today's blog cruising, Sonnie Trotter introduced me to Five Ten's new Stealth Paint:

All I could think about as I watched the instructional videos was "There could be so many things in my life that need some sticky rubber friction!" Climbing shoes are just the beginning of the potential black-coated insanity that this product will spawn. In fact, shoes have already been done - my Con-Cept and Hooker Zips both have full rubber on the top of the foot. So what is the Stealth Paint really for? Just like the deep-fat fried foods craze, where nothing is exempt from being coated in batter and thrown in the frier (I've made a Deep Fried Twinkie or two...), I know that there are going to be some amazing, and very possibly controversial, developments with Stealth Paint! Kudos to these guys.

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